farthinder.net plasticprodukter originalet sedan 1963 fyller 60 år.
farthinder.net plasticprodukter originalet sedan 1963 fyller 60 år.
kravallstaket lastning torekov


Riot fence for temporary cordon off.

Suspended ceilings have become very popular and are an economically advantageous solution that is easy to set up and easy to remove. Each Kravallstaket has a handle, which makes it easy to carry. Fence in two variants with T-foot or V-foot. The riot fence is a flexible solution for the temporary need for fencing. Both for redirecting traffic, at concerts, sporting events and workplaces.

Construction fence 

Here you can buy construction fences in packages or to the desired length. The standard solution has a favorable price. Round corners withstand greater stress and are extreme for those who need to place construction fences in wind-sensitive environments and where the stress is great. We also recommend our heavy-duty barriers.

Heavy Barrier

TA beams and GP link for temporary blockade. Increased personal protection at workplaces in urban environments.

Heavy fencing must be used when working along roads. Protect pedestrians and cyclists with this barrier. The cordon prevents access to private land. TA beams with a strong tubular steel arm. The pipe arm is anchored in a specially designed solid and approved concrete block. Assemble several TA beams one after the other for a heavy barrier. They are easy to lift with the grab claw of an excavator or crane truck.

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